Horizontal airflow

Full range of PCR series chambers


PCR 700 chamber

Width 719 mm

PCR 1000 chamber

Width 1019 mm

PCR 1300 chamber

Width 1319 mm

PCR 1600 chamber

Width 1624 mm

S 100 chamber

for DNA tests

Version without tabletop

A version of the chamber without a worktop is available as an option.

Effective disinfection

A mounted UV lamp in the rear of the chamber guarantees disinfection of the chamber interior, ensuring sterile working conditions.

Convenient connection

The single electrical socket is located outside the working area, on the side panel housing.

Air flow sensor inside the chamber

• optionally you can order a chamber with air flow sensor
• possibility to correct the flow in the range of +/- 10%
• the current flow value is visible on the display, in addition, the temperature inside the workspace expressed in degrees Celsius is visible under the flow value.

Table - comfortable and stable base

• "C-shaped" steel construction, made of the highest quality materials
• stainless steel top made for a specific chamber model
• height of table adjusted for sitting work
• the tables are colour-matched to the ALPINA laminar flow chambers