Horizontal airflow

Full range of H series chambers


H 120 chamber

Width 1250 mm

H 150 chamber

Width 1550 mm

H 1800 chamber

Width 1850 mm


A specially designed mesh with a proper distribution of outlet holes organizes air movement.

Effective disinfection

Mounted in the upper part of the chamber UV lamp guarantees disinfection of the interior of the chamber ensuring sterile conditions.

Easy cleaning

Stainless steel worktop with specially designed holes that allow quick disassembly for disinfecting the surface under the worktop.

Extendable UV lamp

• mounted UV lamp on an extension arm with a power of 30 Watts (chamber H120) and 36 Watts (chambers H150 and H180) guarantees disinfection of the interior ensuring sterile working conditions.
• it is possible to program the working time of the UV lamp up to 9 hours 50 minutes, when the process is completed the lamp switches off automatically.

Table - comfortable and stable base

• steel construction "C-shaped", made of the highest quality durable materials
• stainless steel top made under the specific model of the chamber
• height of the table adjusted for sitting work
• tables are color-matched to ALPINA laminar chambers.