S 100 laminar flow chamber for DNA testing

Laminar chamber S 100 model

Adjustable vertical laminar airflow of 0.25 to 0.50 m/s or according to guidelines. Two-stage filtration system: EU3 (G3) class polyamide pre-filter according to EN 779 and HEPA H14 filter.

Automatic filter wear compensation to ensure a constant and safe air flow rate in the chamber.
• Quiet fans, CA level according to PN-EN ISO 11201 below 49 dB.
Air velocity control by sensor or volt voltage system with ±10% user correction.
Two filters: pre-filter and main HEPA H14 with efficiency above 99.995% for MPPS.
UV bakeriicidal lamp fixed, placed in the upper rear part of the working area protected against accidental switching on during operation.
Two additional UV lamps in the compression chamber to increase the sterility of the air supplied to the workspace. • Hour counterof the working time of the device and the UV lamp of the chamber.
Energy-saving LED lampilluminating the workspace in two light intensity modes.
Intuitive touch panel control with menus in Polish, English, German and Spanish.
• Increased comfort of work by launching functions with dedicated buttons (without entering lower menu levels).
• Stainless steel worktop.
• Workspace sides with windows.
• Single or double electrical socket in chamber housing.
• Optional valves for air, vacuum and gas and base on lockable wheels.

Technical details

External dim. (h x w x d) 1030 x 738 x 1000 mm
Internal dim. (W x H x D) 980 x 690 x 650 mm
Numbers of fans 2
Adjustable airflow 0,25 - 0,50 m/s
Number and type of filters 1 - main HEPA, 1 - pre-filter poliamide
HEPA filter efficiency >99,995 % dla MPPS - H14
Sound pressure PN-EN ISO 11201 < 55 dB
Lighting intensity > 1200 lux
Power consumption in lighting operation 53 W
Power consumption in operation without lighting 38 W
Number of UV lamps 2 flow lamps + 1 in the workspace
The power of a germicidal UV lamp 45 W
Number of electrical sockets 1
Rated power 103 W
Weight of the device with the base 88 kg

• declaration of conformity CE
• the chamber is manufactured in accordance with the certified quality management system ISO 9001

Each chamber is tested in the company's research laboratory operating in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard.

During the test, the following parameters are checked:
• air flow velocity in the working space and barrier,
• number content of particles,
• homogeneity of the filter material (leakage test),
• tightness of the filter mounting,
• deflection of the laminar air stream.

A factory test report is issued and attached to each chamber.

Warranty of the laminar chamber: 36 months.