The development of machine park – increase of production efficiency.

The new line of the laboratory dryers – Easyline (gravitational and forced air circulation) significantly increased our industrial park.

Due to new investments will increase the production opportunities not only for the new sterilizers, but also with the laminar cabinets dedicated for microbiological safety work.

Our biggest investment includes the purchase of the punching laser machine made by Trumpf – model 3030 with the cutting surface 3000×1500 mm and precision of cutting from 0,1 mm. It has possibility to cutting the raw steel, stainless steel and aluminium as well.

Two interchangeable tables increase output of cutting even to 70 %. The quality of carried out details is outstanding in comparison to other method of cutting the elements.

The next equally important purchase is a folding brake of Metallkraft to bend metal parts. The pressure is 60 Mt, visualization of bent element in 3-D also automatic selection of the tools guarantee quality and full repeatability of made parts.

The development of machine park allowed us to take control over the almost of all technological process connected with production of our products. That resulted in faster implementation of orders and shorter delivery time for laminar flow cabinets and the laboratory dryers.

The purchased machines and new hired constructors in the design office significantly speeded up the work on the implementation with untypical orders – Laser cutting process – increase of production efficiency.

As a complement of the machine park following devices were supplied : the welding stations TIG & MIG of Lincoln Electric, Soyer’s fitting system for bolts, also Gesipa’s fitting system for the rivets and line to cutting metal pipes and profiles.

Hoping, that investments made will help toward establishing our position of the leader in production laminar flow cabinets in Poland but also expand export of our products on the world-wide markets

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