New model – Drying And Heating Oven Easy Line

Drying And Heating Oven, new models, new functions and new sizes.

Even this year six models of laboratory dryers from Easy Line series with the following symbols will be available in our offer: ET 40, ET 53, ET 115 as well as EG 40, EG 53 and EG 115 with two air circulation systems:

  • gravity
  • forced

The following volumes of working space also will be available:

  • 40 litres
  • 53 litres
  • 115 litres

The advantage of the Easy Line models is ease of use and clear control panel.

New models drying and heating oven will characterize with introduction of new HEAT PRO technology, which reduced heat losses what ensures measurable savings of costs of the electrical power.
Price of the new models will be attractive for the customers due to use of the more efficient technology of production.

If you have any questions concerning Easy Line series or availability please do not hesitate and contact with us.

Drying And Heating Oven Easy Line
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