Chambers of the series: K, S100 PCR, K500

Laminar vertical airflow cabinet

K series laminar chamber

It is equipped with a touch control panel. It has air flow speed control through a sensor or volt voltage system with the possibility of +/- 10% correction by the user.

Model K 500

This is the smallest version of the product chamber at Alpina. Dedicated to pharmacies, meets the requirements for preparing prescription drugs. Analog control system.


They create sterile conditions for the processed material, they are recommended for working with samples that do not pose a microbiological threat, especially used for DNA testing

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Hepa filter 99,995 % for mpps

The highest quality filters assembled in the cabinets are fully controlled and checked in own research lab.

touchable steering panel

For increase the comfort of work each of the function is actuated by one buton. Whereas, intuitive menu is available in 6 languages.

Uv-lamp 15 watt

Pernamently fitted UV-lamp guarantee disinfection of cabinet’s interior providing sterile conditions of work.

low power consumption

Application of the ventilators EC type and cost-effective illumination reduced the energy consumption about 76% in the work mode.


According to customer’s request our design office is able to carry out any modification not only of dimensions but concerning functionality.

Low noise

Specially designed distribution and EC funs system of air inside the cabinet provide parallel air flow.

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Control system:

  1. The K500 model does not have a touch control panel. Control is via an analogue dial.
  2. Models equipped with a display with touch control system: S100 PCR, K700, K1000, K1300, K1600.

Additional UV lamps:

The S100 PCR chamber has 2 additional UV lamps in the compression chamber, increasing the sterility of the air supplied to the working space.

Product description:

  • vertical laminar air flow in the range of 0.25 to 0.50 m / s,
  • air flow speed control through a sensor or volt voltage system with the possibility of +/- 10% correction by the user, low-noise fans,
  • HEPA H14 filter and EU3 polyamide pre-filter (G3) according to PN-EN 779 standards,
  • automatic compensation of filter wear ensuring constant and safe flow rate in the chambers,
  • hour meter of device operation time and UV fluorescent lamp, permanently mounted UV germicidal lamp, placed in the upper front part of the working area, protected against accidental switching on during operation,
  • energy-saving LED fluorescent lamp illuminating the working space,
  • stainless steel worktop, single electrical socket on the chamber housing
  • optional valves for vacuum, gas and air, and a dedicated base on lockable wheels.

Control over the correct operating parameters is facilitated by a system that monitors errors and informs you about the need for a service test or approaching filter replacement time.

Dedicated tables under the laminar chamber for the K, K500 and S100 PCR series should be assigned comfortable work as an independent stand.


  1. “C-shaped” steel structure made of high quality materials.
  2. A stainless steel worktop made under a specific chamber model.
  3. Table height adapted to sitting work.
  4. They allude to the ALPINA laminar cells, functionally and aesthetically pleasing workplace.

To access the options available in terms of dimensions and colors.

Product certificates:

  • certified by an independent certification body
  • EC declaration of conformity

Final test in our laboratory:

The following parameters are checked during the test:

  • air flow velocity
  • HPEA filter integrity
  • filtration efficiency
  • leak tightness of filter foundations
  • deviation of stream of laminar air

Protocol from tests is issued and enclosed for each cabinet.

Warranty for the laminar airflow unit:

  • 24-month warranty.


Download the folder of laminar chambers of the K, S 100 PCR and K500 series

Modifications and improvements in the functionality of the K series chambers made in 2018 and the S100 PCR series in 2019 have meant that we have designed a new product folder for you with current chamber data and a description of its functionality. Description of the most important features of the chamber and new slightly changed dimensions will be helpful data before any purchase or when planning space in the laboratory.

A little bit statistic

K series chambers in numbers