How to save a money only by reasonable choice of the Biological Safety Cabinet

The biological safety cabinet is chosen for long-lasting work by years. In connection with this a choice of proper model should be made reasonably and according to our demands and after considering of all costs which result not only with the purchase of a devices.

Obviously, the most important in the laminar flow cabinet is complying the norm, confirmed by the certificates issued by accredited units and by long-years’ experience and also by knowledge of producer which give us guarantee of proven and dependable equipment.

Abovementioned simulation concern the costs of work a device between 2017-2023 and assumed price of 1 KWh – 0,5248 PLN and assuming the hourly average value of work of the cabinet in the laboratory per annum. In result, the cost of power consumption supplied to new generation device is only 280 PLN by 12 months i.e.24 PLN per month.

In case of old generation models the cost of power consumption is remarkably higher even to 1165 PLN i.e. 885 PLN more in comparison to models produced presently. Purchasing a new generation laminar flow cabinet, even such as manufactured currently by ALPINA, it is easy to count that by 6 years of work with the device we can save even up to 6200 PLN.

Application of the newest ventilators EC type and energy-efficient LED illumination reduced the electrical energy consumption about 76 % in work mode and also even up to 87 % in standby mode in comparison to the old generation of the Biological Safety Cabinets.

We present below the comparison of power consumption and cost of electrical energy increasingly for following years of exploitation for the biological safety cabinet ALPINA BIO-130 and also for the old generation cabinet with similar dimensions which are offered on Polish market.

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