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Examination and service of laminar chambers

Whys is it worth?:

Maintenance of laminar as devices ensuring the highest possible purity class A, the laminar-flow cabinets require cyclical specialist tests to prove their uninterrupted readiness to clean the air of impurities.Together with impurities, dusts, bacteria, viruses and fungi are removed. This has a direct impact on the safety of work with a given material, purity of the sample and the finished product.

 Need for testing:

There are many factors that can lead to the so-called “leakage” of the filter, including the change of seal pressure, mechanical damage caused by the user or external factors.PN-EN IS 14644-2:2005 Part 2 specifies the maximum time between measurements as 24 months. This is also the period that we adopt for the newly-installed filters, further tests should be carried out more frequently – every 12 months.

It is necessary to show that the filter is still able to provide the desired purity class despite the continuing pollution.

 Measurement range:

The main parameters that are checked during measurements are:

  • air flow velocity
  • number of particles of a given size (from 0.3 microns to 5 microns) in m3 of air

We also test:

  • HEPA/ULPA filter integrity
  • filtration efficiency
  • filter foundation tightness
  • smoke test

Additionally, we carry out of the relative humidity and temperature test.

Laminar chamber service, 20 years of experience

Why us

Why us:

Our Company has over 20 years of experience in the production of laminar-flow cabinets used not only in pharmacies and laboratories (Safety Class I), but also in oncology and bacteriology (Safety Class II). We have the knowledge and experience in the field of testing, filter replacement and service of laminar-flow cabinets, also cabinets produced by other manufacturers.You can use our maintenance services throughout the country.

Our control devices comply with all standards and have a valid calibration certificate. Each maintenance service is completed with the issuance of a relevant report.