Easytouch – the most intuitive steering system of laminar flow cabinet

Steering system “Easytouch”- is already available in H-series – (horizontal air flow), before long in the K-series – (vertical air flow) and also in the dedicated cabinet for work with DNA/PCR – series S.

It has been made based on long experience and close cooperation with users. This effect of the hundreds hours of work and test – today accessible for your laboratory.


classouchable screen is very readable with diameter 4,3 inch which is easy to maintain even in gloves and is the basis of system “Easytouch”. The main screen of steering system is made entirely of pictograms and provide intuitive work and access to significant function of cabinet without entering into lower levels of menu..


System guard against accidental or unaware switch on of UV-lamp. Additionally, in case of warnings or alarms –the user is warned by changing of colour of the upper beam. Accordingly, yellow for warnings and red for alarms.


The whole system is available in four main language: Polish, English, Spanish, and German as well. Besides the descriptions there are simple and transparent pictograms also helpful hints concerning each variable function. In automatic mode – the system independently carry out all activities necessary to prepare the cabinet to work.


Steering system might be adapted to user’s own needs among others: switch on and switch off the sounds of the bottom and change basic language in the menu.

Easytouch intuitive steering system of laminar flow – under preparation are following languages:

English language

German language

Spain language

Arabic language

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