Laminar chambers adapted to specific requirements

Dedicated laminar chambers

Adaptation to requirements

To meet our Clients expectations we carry out a lot of  modifications  in our laminar flow cabinets customizing them to their specific requirements – bespoke cabinets . All changes in dedicated project might concern the functionality and the design as well.

Device documentation

The structural documentation of laminar chamber details contains drawings:

  • image,
  • executive,
  • assembly.

Stages of work:

  1. Initial project for the client.
  2. Customer acceptance of the project or modification of specific elements.
  3. Making production drawings.
  4. Assembly supervision.

Dedicated laminar chamber, get to know the offer


Most frequently ordered modifications by customers in mass-produced products:

  • design changes and modernization of serial devices,
  • creating documentation for new serial products,
  • catalog visualizations and offer – rendering.

The chambers undergo a number of tests and tests before they are handed over to the client, among others:

  1. a velocity of the air flow,
  2. a tightness and integrity of the filter,
  3. a noise level,
  4. a electrical safety,
  5. a compliance with the projects assumptions and the performing drawings.

Basic assumptions for developing of modifications :

  • table top with height 800 mm – standard height 500 mm,
  • workspace with depth 600 mm – standard depth 500 mm,
  • standard width -1000 mm, remains without changes.

Upone Client’s request,the sockets have been disposed on the rear wall of the cabinet base in the following quantities: two sockets on the right side and analogously another two on the left side . Basically, this type of the laminar flow cabinet is equipped in the one socket only.

Additionaly, two holes have been made to fit gas and vacuum valves. The novelty is a hole  ø 48 mm made in the table top.

A new modified, protective glass was made for the untypical cabinet. It is composed of three separate parts and each part can be easy open and fold.