Chamber availability in case with SARS-COV-2

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread throughout Europe, we are seeing the status remain very fluid. We would like to inform that due to SARS-COV-2 epidemic and in due to higher demand for Microbiological Safety Cabinets, we have continued to increase production capacity in order to provide availability of laminar flow cabinets in the shortest time.
In addition, due to fact of producing the vast majority of components at our own facility, for time being there is no concern about availability of products. All orders destined for COVID-19 are our top priority with possible the shortest lead time.
To get more details please contact us over phone or e-mail post.

Laminar units by K series – new product folder

Improvements in the functionality of the K series chambers have meant that we have designed a new product folder for you with current chamber data and a description of its functionality.

Attention should be paid to the possibility of matching each chamber to the customer’s requirements. Our design department can create solutions for the most demanding customers.

We made research energy consumption every model and in case K500 model the energy consumption was lower about 6 wats after applications the newest components compare with 2018 year.

If you have questions, please contact the sales department by phone +48 881 946 536.

Now control panel in BIO series is available also in French and Turkish

We deeply care to provide our Customers the best solution to fit our products to their requirements.
Along with the newest program of the BIO cabinet with 7 inch display, the user has opportunity to choose one of the six available languages.

Besides the most common languages such as Polish, English, German, Spanish our display is able to work in French and Turkish as well.

Additionally, we are about to implement Italian language and this process should be finished till end of September. Your opinions and comments are invaluable and on their basis we will strive to better functionality, which bring on that work with our cabinets will be much more comfortable for the user.

Trade fair Analytica 2018 in Messe Munich

You are welcome to visit our stand at the biggest laboratory and analytical exhibition in the world from 10 to 13th of April 2018. Visit our booth and find out more about our newest 7-inch touch display to II BSC, which is made in technology SMART-TOUCH.

SMART-TOUCH technology suggests user what to do, in order to achieve desired effects. Additionally, to more comfortable work each function is operated by dedicated button.

SMART-TOUCH is available in following languages:

  • English,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  • Turkish,
  • Polish.

Additionally, besides BIO cabinets on our stand you can see as well:

  • vertical laminar cabinets,
  • horizontal laminar cabinets,
  • the newest models of   heating ovens – EASYLINE.

Now EasyTouch is available in the heating ovens

It would seem that creating a steering system to the appliances is easy and straight task. But the process is much more complicated than we would assume. Making the new steering system for the heating ovens we had to include many significant aspects inter alia:



One touch- one function,  this is a rule that we tried and tested in our biosafety cabinets. It is a base of whole idea- the most important functions such as set of temperature, work mode  and time are avaliable on the main control panel in the same time.



Handling of the appliance is simple and comfortable due to using unambiguously marked buttons with invariable functions and by using readable pictograms.


All crucial parameters  for process  are displayed in the real time in three separated screens. Full control of process is provided by constant monitoring of set temperature, current temperature and remaining time of heating.



The appliance may be programmed  in 3 easy steps and do not take more than 10 seconds. In comparison  with other ovens easy steering system allow to save time of users.


In order to make handling easy we applied two levels of switch On/Off the sounds. For comfortable work we can On/Off sounds of the buttons and warning signals separately but with saving all safety requirements.


Direct access and readable mark of the work mode allow to easy settings of the heating ovens.

4 operating modes available:

  • hour – operating mode set in hours or minutes
  • circadian – operating modes set in days (1 day – 24 hours)
  • constant – constant operating mode
  • delay start – the appliance may be set for delay start.

Protection before overheating in the drying and heating ovens

The most significant paramater for the heating oven with natural or forced convection is  maintaining a  set temperature. A basic tool to carry out this task is a steering system of the oven mostly used with PID controller. 
But there are many factors that could have influence on the steering sysytem casuing improper work or even damage. The adequate protections are applied to protect the samples ,batch and the drying oven before over temperature.

OpenDoor sensor

What kind of hazard situation could place in the oven without OpenDoor sensor ?

During the door is opened a cold air gets inside what is record by temperature sensor and the controller turns on the algorithm of heating to maintain set temperature.
The air inside is mixed after closing the door and the sensor records real temperature inside of the device and turn off the heating, Due to thermal inertia and temperature deviations caused by fresh air can influence sample characteristics or prolong drying.

What gives us open door sensor?

When the door is opened the sensor receives signal that change of temperature is linked with the flow of the cold air not with real cooling of the device.
The controller uses then special alghoritm which protect by uncontrolled heating inside the oven.
After closing the door another alghoritm is turned on and its main task is stabilization of  the temperature on set level.

Temperature protection according to DIN 12880:2007

1.o Class protection

This is mechanical, basic kind of protection of the Heating and Drying Ovens before exceeding maximum temperature. Generally, the thermic fuses are applied. In case of exceeding of the temperature from 10 to 15 Celsius, this protection cut-out supply of power.

2.0 Class protection

This is programmatic kind of protection. Together with required temperature is set maximum value e.g set temperature is 180 Celsius and maximum temperature of the sample is 190 Celsius.

3.1 Class protection

The programmatic kind of security closely similar to 2.0. However, in this case process is continued and the controller works in “limp-in mode”.

How to save a money only by reasonable choice of the Biological Safety Cabinet

The biological safety cabinet is chosen for long-lasting work by years. In connection with this a choice of proper model should be made reasonably and according to our demands and after considering of all costs which result not only with the purchase of a devices.

Obviously, the most important in the laminar flow cabinet is complying the norm, confirmed by the certificates issued by accredited units and by long-years’ experience and also by knowledge of producer which give us guarantee of proven and dependable equipment.

Abovementioned simulation concern the costs of work a device between 2017-2023 and assumed price of 1 KWh – 0,5248 PLN and assuming the hourly average value of work of the cabinet in the laboratory per annum. In result, the cost of power consumption supplied to new generation device is only 280 PLN by 12 months i.e.24 PLN per month.

In case of old generation models the cost of power consumption is remarkably higher even to 1165 PLN i.e. 885 PLN more in comparison to models produced presently. Purchasing a new generation laminar flow cabinet, even such as manufactured currently by ALPINA, it is easy to count that by 6 years of work with the device we can save even up to 6200 PLN.

Application of the newest ventilators EC type and energy-efficient LED illumination reduced the electrical energy consumption about 76 % in work mode and also even up to 87 % in standby mode in comparison to the old generation of the Biological Safety Cabinets.

We present below the comparison of power consumption and cost of electrical energy increasingly for following years of exploitation for the biological safety cabinet ALPINA BIO-130 and also for the old generation cabinet with similar dimensions which are offered on Polish market.

Modern and atoxic disinfection of devices and rooms

The most important advantage of disinfectant is that it does not contain in its chemical composition following substances like formaldehyde, ammoniac and chlorine.  So by that, makes it atoxic disinfection and  safe for the user. Decontamination is pretty fast and does not require separation of the room from the rest of the building.

Our factory lab offers a contamination service. It is modern and highly effective densification of devices or rooms by using dry method and invisible fog based on 6% hydrogen peroxide and silvers’ positive ions.

Characteristic of disinfectant:

  • technology of dry fog with 5 micron size
  • composition: H2o2, Ag +
  • biodegradable
  • atoxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporicidal

Decontamination is recommended after replacing HEPA/ULPA filters in the II safety class cabinets.

 If your intention is to get more information or in case of additional questions concerning our offer of atoxic disinfection the devices and rooms. Please contact us over the phone P:. +48 63 245 90 73, C: +48 796 525 229   or by e-mail:

Accredited research laboratory

Research laboratory ALPINA as third laboratory in Poland was given accreditation of Polish Centre for Accreditation for carrying out examinations of laminar flow cabinets and filters.

The accreditation granted by Polish Centre for Accreditation is a confirmation of the highest quality of provided services, staff’s competence and confirmation of meeting the requirements of the norm PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025/2005.

Testing can be subjected to: laminar flow benches, lab rooms, clean rooms, operating rooms and diffusers with filters.

In scope of accreditation we carry out following tests:

  • purity
  • air flow velocity
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • homogeneity of the filter raw material
  • leak tightness of filter’s housing

The development of machine park – increase of production efficiency.

The new line of the laboratory dryers – Easyline (gravitational and forced air circulation) significantly increased our industrial park.

Due to new investments will increase the production opportunities not only for the new sterilizers, but also with the laminar cabinets dedicated for microbiological safety work.

Our biggest investment includes the purchase of the punching laser machine made by Trumpf – model 3030 with the cutting surface 3000×1500 mm and precision of cutting from 0,1 mm. It has possibility to cutting the raw steel, stainless steel and aluminium as well.

Two interchangeable tables increase output of cutting even to 70 %. The quality of carried out details is outstanding in comparison to other method of cutting the elements.

The next equally important purchase is a folding brake of Metallkraft to bend metal parts. The pressure is 60 Mt, visualization of bent element in 3-D also automatic selection of the tools guarantee quality and full repeatability of made parts.

The development of machine park allowed us to take control over the almost of all technological process connected with production of our products. That resulted in faster implementation of orders and shorter delivery time for laminar flow cabinets and the laboratory dryers.

The purchased machines and new hired constructors in the design office significantly speeded up the work on the implementation with untypical orders – Laser cutting process – increase of production efficiency.

As a complement of the machine park following devices were supplied : the welding stations TIG & MIG of Lincoln Electric, Soyer’s fitting system for bolts, also Gesipa’s fitting system for the rivets and line to cutting metal pipes and profiles.

Hoping, that investments made will help toward establishing our position of the leader in production laminar flow cabinets in Poland but also expand export of our products on the world-wide markets